How difficult is it to create an app like Snapchat?

Snapchat’s filters and lenses allow users to add fun and creative effects to their photos and videos. FuGenX Technologies is a leading mobile app and game development company in India, delivering quality-driven mobility services across the world. Telegram is an ideal place for teamwork and hosting large online communities. Snapchat users can broadcast photos or videos to their friends and followers. Later, Snapchat released Live Stories, in which snapchaters visiting the same live event can contribute to the same story.

Which is why when you are designing apps like Snapchat, you have to make sure to create an app that has a better UI design. Even if you have to adopt the most ordinary feature on the UI, it’ll be worth it, especially when more and more people start using your app. The main feature of Snapchat, that made it popular is the unique blend of chatting and photo sharing. The photo-sharing aspect of Snapchat took the central stage on this platform. Added to that, there is a plethora of special effects, lenses, and stickers. Snapchat’s “Search for friends” feature is a way to find friends based on your current location.

How to develop an app like Snapchat

For improving the automatic scalability according to the number of users and temporal management of the shared data store. Our DevOps engineers and developers have in-depth knowledge of the software maintenance sphere. Therefore, we can help make your software product highly performed.

how to develop an app like snapchat

Once the users have added some new friends, they can share and view each other’s snaps and videos for a specific time. Developing apps similar to Snapchat requires skilled developers who can understand the user interface and user experience, and the technology required to build the app. This feature allows users to send photos and videos that disappear after being viewed. Generally Snapchat like app development costs between $5,000 to $14,500.


They also value privacy, which is why Snapchat’s disappearing messages feature is so popular. However, the cost of developing apps similar to Snapchat can vary greatly based on several factors. In this blog, we will discuss the various factors that impact the cost of developing apps similar to Snapchat. Snapchat is an out-of-the-ordinary app and it’s impossible to find another app with all its features and functions.

  • Initially, the app was launched as a messaging app with the feature of making messages disappear in one to ten seconds after being opened.
  • By using this strategy, the app is partnering with Adidas and Nike so that they can advertise their products to sports fans.
  • However, in August 2011, the scarcity of the audience was the lesser of the problems of developers who were quarreling because of the shares in the newly formed company.
  • Discover is a feature used by brands to post sponsored stories.
  • Tik Tok is a Chinese social media app for sharing dance, entertainment, and educational videos.

According to Spiegel, this was similar to both revenge and mockery. Contrary to the expectations of Facebook analysts, Poke wasn’t popular, and Snapchat continued to grow. A powerful competitor seemed to have stimulated the owners of the service to surpass themselves. Since early summer 2011, the guys had been working on an application .

How much does it cost to develop an app like Snapchat?

This price includes the basic features only and the final cost depends on your requirements. If you’re interested in coding and want to develop Snapchat clone. Creating a successful app requires a dedicated team of developers with a multiple project managers.

It allows you to create photo albums and share them with particular people. Cluster helps you create a private and secure space where you can share videos or photos only with the people you care about. Snapseed features a wide range of tools required for photo editing, including digital filters, brushes, healing, and structure.

How much does it cost to make an app like Snapchat?

It is the time when the app gets published and you get to enjoy the finished product. It is important to understand that the release of an app doesn’t mean that the work with it is finished. You need a team of developers to maintain it and update with a particular frequency. Once upon a time, how to make app like snapchat in the year 2011 precisely, in the online space reigned three titans – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They had to do something with the app that could help it stand out from the crowd. To stand next to the current rulers, they came up with an idea of self-destructing photos and videos.

how to develop an app like snapchat

And you, as the author, have a possibility to check those who have overviewed your pieces. Also, you can decompose your story into video spots or download them all in one file. An increasingly popular way of adding friends is to provide them with your unique Snapcode (you’ll find it on your app home screen). Someone can scan your code with his phone camera, and then easily add you as his new friend (and vice versa!). In the IPO application, Snap Inc calls itself the “Camera Company”, and Snapchat stands for “Camera Application” .

Add the features you want to your Snapchat app

Thanks to this article, you now understand how Snapchat allows you to get the most out of it and create a source of passive income online. Therefore, contact us if you decide to make your app like Snapchat. Our goal was to develop a fast-loading, responsive, and intuitive platform with the possibility to add images and 3D tours. Moreover, we adapted this platform both for desktop and mobile devices. By the way, Snapchat was initially available only on the mobile version.

how to develop an app like snapchat

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